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The Science of Resilience: Mindset, Skillset, and Reset

Resilience is not something we are born with, but a set of skills we can build that changes how we approach the inevitable struggles and setbacks we all face. Anne explains how to become more resilient through “mindset, skillset, and reset,” and how these skills translate into better relationships, more effective business teams and leaders, and a happier, more productive work life.

This is Your Brain on Stress

Anne explains how stress affects the brain and inhibits the ability to think logically, plus strategies to manage stress productively rather than getting shut down by it. It’s all about how to make stress work for you.

Stuck in Rut? Develop “Habits of Courage”

Anne discusses how we form habits, get stuck in a rut, and resist change – and how deliberately choosing the right habits can make us more courageous and resilient.

How Practicing Gratitude Rewires Your Brain

Research has shown that searching for the good in people and situations changes the brain’s neurology for the better. Anne explains how gratitude makes us more courageous, resilient and – ultimately – triumphant.

Stop Reacting to Office Drama

Every day, businesses of all sizes lose time, money, and productivity when employees get sidetracked by their emotional reactions to workplace situations. Anne tells how managers and employees can defuse drama and strengthen work relationships.

Boost Your EQ

Anne explains how to discover triggers and blind spots, master your emotions in the moment and make deeper connections with others to boost your “emotional intelligence quotient.”

The Secret to Untangling a Power Struggle

Anne discusses how managers, subordinates and co-workers often fall into defensive power struggles without realizing they are doing it, and reveals the secret to creating more cooperative and productive relationships.

Why Chasing “Work/Life Balance” Fails

A business owner, a mother of a special needs child, wife, daughter, friend and volunteer, Anne explains why the idea of work-life balance is “a mirage,” and shares how to carve out time for what is most important to you.

The Motivation Secret of C-Suite Success

You can’t motivate others, you can only try to find out what motivates them and tap into it. Anne explains how successful leaders do this.

Addicted to Stress? How to Overcome Overload

Many of us are overwhelmed, distracted and hooked on a constant state of adrenaline overload. Anne's Balance Wheel Strategy can help. “Identify your top three to five priorities and spend 80 percent of your time on them without apologizing for it,” she says.

The Power of Mindfulness to Build Resilience

Anne discusses how practicing mindfulness changes our brains to make us stronger, calmer and more resilient in the face of stress.

Inoculate Yourself Against Burnout

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Anne shares proactive strategies people can use to calm their responses to stressful situations, build resilience and beat burnout.

Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

High achievers, including many business leaders and moms, often ignore their own needs until they feel burned out. Finding time to care for yourself is not optional if you want to lead happy, fulfilling and productive life. Anne explains.

Why Aren’t Women Running the World?

Women outperform men in all grades, go to college in greater numbers, earn more degrees,and score higher in most leadership skills, yet they comprise only 4.9 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs and 2 percent of S&P 500 CEOs. Anne explores what’s holding women leaders back and how they can build resilience to overcome barriers.

12 Habits of Resilient Teams

From her work with high-performing business teams across the US and internationally, Anne shares proactive communication strategies to build collaboration, productivity and better working relationships.
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